Roanoke - Salem Area Map

The Greater Deyerle neighborhood is located in the southwestern portion of the City of Roanoke adjacent to the City of Salem and Roanoke County. It is bounded by Brandon Avenue, Electric Road (US 419), and Grandin Road. The Greater Deyerle neighborhood encompasses numerous subdivisions and areas that in the past were referred to as neighborhoods unto themselves.

As the area has grown from development, both within and on the outskirts of these boundaries, common characteristics and issues have brought the community together, as reflected by the representation of the Greater Deyerle Neighborhood Association (GDNA).

Greater Deyerle is approximately 2.5 square miles in size and has a rolling topography with numerous small lakes, green space, streams, and pasture land. It has a population of 3,810 people and a lower population density than that of most Roanoke neighborhoods. The area is largely residential, with well-maintained homes on large lots of land. Over the last 50 years, Greater Deyerle has gradually transitioned from a sparsely populated rural area to a low-density suburban community surrounded by commercial development on its edges. Residents of the area take pride in the high quality of life of their neighborhood, and have concerns about potential negative effects of higher density residential and commercial development.

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